Author Jane Blank is in the Welsh Bookshelf spotlight this week!


Name: Jane Blank

Where are you from?  Geographically – Sheffield; genetically – Cymru.

In a few words, describe your latest book: Gothic, romantic and set in the heart of Georgian Wales.

Who is your favourite author?
It’s a toss up between Cormac Mc Carthy and J.M.Coetzee for prose and R.S. Thomas and Emily Dickinson for poetry. 

Which book had the most influence on you?
Jane Eyre

“Make a start on the bits that interest you and the rest will follow…”

eWhat were your favourite books as a child?
As a very young child, the Enid Blyton Famous Five books  and The Magic Faraway Tree.

Who is your favourite and who is your least favourite character in literature?
Mr Rochester is my ideal man ( BEFORE the accident!) I can’t bear Emma’s father in Austen’s novel.

Lastly, what would your advice be to someone who wants to write?
Stop making excuses; just do it! It doesn’t matter where you begin, or whether you have a plan, a routine or a publisher – make a start on the bits that interest you and the rest will follow.


Gadael Ymateb

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