Its cold outside, the fire is roaring inside, the wind is whistling, the rain is pounding — so what better way to while away the Winter evenings than with a good book? For that, we’ve got you covered!

Lloyd Jones


A gripping novel set on a remote lake-side farm, Dolfrwynog, in north Wales where we are introduced to a family living a basic life following a worldwide crisis. A ‘bleak, brutal and beautifully-written imagining’ of a life on a Welsh hill farm after extreme weather conditions, caused by climate change, have wrecked social structures and food production.

Lloyd Jones gives us a terribly real vision of a future that day by day seems to creep closer, much as the water creeps towards the farmyard. Water is a tough but essential read in that it demands the resolve of the reader to both appreciate the consequences of our carelessness and to get out there and build a better society based on the needs of all and not the endless greed of a few.

Rob Gittins


What if, out of the blue, you witnessed a major crime? What if your testimony, and yours alone, could put one of the most dangerous criminals in the country behind bars?

Would you do it? And if you do, who’s there to protect you?

Gimme Shelter pits a young, female, Witness Protection Officer against one of the deadliest psychopaths imaginable as she fights to keep her latest witness safe; but is that witness all she claims to be?

Terrifying, suspenseful and full of non-stop jeopardy, Gittins’s gritty story introduces the reader to a dangerous and troubled part of society, and his murky, damaged and at times violent characters are as vividly (and disturbingly) portrayed as those of Elmore Leonard.

Jane Blank


When William Powell and his headstrong wife Elizabeth inherit the glorious Nanteos estate in Cardiganshire, it seems their new life is everything they could wish for. Yet, as her debt-ridden husband is snared by the land disputes and violence of the 1750s lead wars, Elizabeth is increasingly drawn to the mysterious figure of Cai, the estate’s handsome bailiff.

Superstition, tales of haunting, and the powerful Nanteos grail cast their shadow over the house and soon the family is caught up in a vicious political and legal battle that will end in tragedy.

Dark, dramatic and visceral and hailed as ‘a wonderfully gothic evocation of Wild Wales’ by journalist Robert Peston, The Shadow of Nanteos will draw you into the world of its characters. An enthralling historical novel.

More thrilling fiction is available at Y Lolfa website.


Gadael Ymateb

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