Looking for something to do this summer? Why not set out on foot to explore the beautiful country that is Wales? And what better to inspire you than these brilliant books…

by John Davies and Marian Delyth

Wales in 100 Places - John Davies and Marian Delyth

Available in both English and Welsh, Wales in 100 Places won the prize of Welsh Book of the Year in 2010. From Anglesey to Pembrokeshire to Monmouthshire, each county has been explored and the 100 most beautiful, interesting or significant places have been chosen and presented in this book. This is an informative, beautiful book with a hundred ideas of days out!

John Davies was Wales’ most well-known historian and he selected the 100 places that we should visit in Wales. Marian Delyth is renowned for her photography and artwork, and has won several awards for her work.

by Geraint Thomas

Cyfrinachau Llynnoeddd Eryri - Geraint Thomas

This is a compendium of the 140 lakes found in Snowdonia National Park, with beautiful photographs taken by foot and by air. The story of each lake is outlined so that everyone can enjoy the unique history of each lake as well as the wealth of history that can be found in Snowdonia.

Geraint Thomas is a photographer based in Caernarfon and worked in the television industry before becoming a freelance landscape photographer. He is the owner of Panorama Gallery in Caernarfon.

by Gwynfor Evans and Marian Delyth

eternal wales

Featuring ancient and modern locations, this book is full of interesting places to visit. Each location has a short description and history and a beautiful photograph or two by Marian Delyth. This is an ideal book if you want to know more about the landmarks of Wales or if you want ideas for your next holiday.

Gwynfor Evans was Wales’ foremost politician and has written many books. Marian Delyth is renowned for her photography and artwork, and has won several awards for her work.

by Tom Davies

A Welsh Wander - Tom Davies

On 26th July 2016, Tom Davies left his home in Presteigne. Nine weeks later he arrived home, having walked the 1,100-mile perimeter of Wales, raising £6,700 for Alzheimer’s Society.

This heart-warmingly open and honest book is bursting with interesting facts about places along his route, vivid descriptions and photos of stunning scenery on the Offa’s Dyke Path and Wales Coast Path, magical wildlife encounters, bizarre anecdotes, random and life-reaffirming generosity from strangers, and even a few dark moments when he felt like he’d bitten off more than he could chew.

But most of all it contains an astounding energy and positivity, and a contagious love for the breathtaking coast and scenery of Wales which cannot fail to get the reader’s feet itching to get out and see more of this wonderful country.

by Derek Brockway

Great Welsh Walks - Derek Brockway - Marton Aaron

Based on the BBC Wales television and radio series Weatherman Walking, these books include directions and an insight into the heritage, social history, wildlife and topography of some of Wales’ most attractive landscapes.

Great Welsh Walks presents 18 of Derek’s favourite walks from all over Wales. They range from the steep hills and mountains of Snowdonia to the coastal paths of Pembrokeshire and Anglesey; from busy Cardiff Bay to peaceful Offa’s Dyke.

Each walk comes with an introduction by Derek, an OS-based map, grid references, detailed directions and pictures of significant landmarks. Suitable for all abilities, they are fun, and free and will help you keep fit while you take in some of the best scenery in the world! So get out and explore – Wales is made for walking!

Derek Brockway is familiar to the majority as a weatherman on the BBC. His series Weatherman Walking has been very popular.



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